Mark Master Mason

Members of the Mark degree wear aprons of white kid  having a triangular flap, all bordered with ribbon of light blue with  crimson edges. The ribbons bears three rosettes of similar colour.  Masters and Past Masters have the rosettes replaced by silver levels.

The breast jewel is an ivory (or other material) keystone having a  silver lewis which is suspended from a one-inch silver bar by a ribbon  in the same colours as the apron. Each face of the keystone bears  certain characters, on the reverse in English and on the Obverse in  Hebrew.

Officers wear a collar four inches in width in light blue and crimson.  Their badge of office is suspended therefrom superimposed on a keystone.

Provincial Grand Officers

Provincial officers wear aprons decorated with  four-inch ribbon having a royal blue centre and crimson edges. The  emblem of office is contained within a garter which bears the name of  the province or district which is placed in the centre of the apron. The breast jewel is the same as that for Mark Masters save that the  furnishings are gold and the ribbon is of dark blue and crimson. A  collar of matching colours is worn, it is four-inches in width and  suspended from the apex hangs the emblem of office, surmounting a circle if acting rank and within an oval garter bearing the name of the  province if past rank. There are both full-dress and undress aprons and  collars.

Grand Officers

A Grand Officer’s regalia is identical in colouring  to that of a provincial Grand Officer but the emblem of office is  surrounded by a wreath of rose leaves and hyssop with three levels in  gold. The collar is also three inches in width and is also decorated  with rose leaves and hyssop. Again there are full-dress and undress sets of regalia.

Provincial Grand Master